Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Parenting: I forgot to be the Tooth Fairy!

Oh my! I'm sure we've had moments like this as parents but it's terrible when it happens to you. I forgot to be the magical Tooth Fairy and collect my daughter's newly lost tooth and place money for it under her pillow.

It's been at least 2 years since she's lost a tooth, she's 8 now and soon the magic of the Tooth Fairy will be long gone. She was sooo excited about her lost tooth and waited with delight for her prize from the Tooth Fairy. She still asks what happens to the teeth she collects and listens with wonder as Daddy weaves a tale of fantasy houses built with baby teeth or her old baby teeth placed in the mouth of a new baby.

So she went to bed, filled with visions of a beautiful Tooth Fairy decending upon her room, then woke up to nothing! Somehow the tooth got lost in her bed but - Mommy also forgot. In the morning we came up with a theory that the dog disturbed her work, baby brother walked in on her in his sleep and more. She went to school satisfied that the Tooth Fairy could complete her work that night.

That day I actually found the tooth while making the bed! I was going to place money under her pillow so that it would be there when she got home from school and FORGOT AGAIN! I wish I could say something important came up last minute that made me forget but it wasn't that... it just slipped my mind in the midst of my daily things-to-do.

After school she wrote the Tooth Fairy a letter and placed it under her pillow to explain the situation. I typed it below just as she wrote it and left out her name*.

To: Tooth Fairy
From: Daughter* (the girl sleeping in the bed)

I have a tooth that I lost. But I have lost it! My mom at first looked in my bed. She found it but she lost it again. I can prove I have a tooth becuse I sleep with my mouth open and you can see it. It is on the bottem row right in frount. You can move my lip if you want to.

Daughter* (the girl sleeping in the bed)

Isn't she so cute! So, I finally remembered to put money under her pillow last night. I couldn't get the note from under her pillow without waking her - even though she left a place and pencil for the Tooth Fairy to write back.

I will do my best to NEVER forget such an important event again! I am grateful for the forgiveness and understanding of my daughter. Submitted to Gratituesday over at Heavenly Homemakers... go take a look at what others are grateful for!

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