Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Food, Inc. on PBS April 21st

The documentary Food, Inc. will be on PBS Wednesday night.  I have not seen this yet (am I the only one?) and am looking forward to watching it tomorrow night.  Won't you join me?

"Surprising Truths About The Food We Eat"


  1. I just watched a high light for it last week. It looks really good! Because of the high light I joined an organic farm this summer, each week I will pick up a box of organic veg and fruit!! Can't wait to watch the entire show.

  2. I loved this documentary, it's quite eye opening and informative.

  3. Oh, no, I wish I knew it was on...although that was during my no-TV week. I haven't seen it but have it on hold at the library...I might get it in a couple months...


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