Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Recipe: Zucchini Bread

Yes, it's true. I've never tried or made this bread before.

Almost every mom I talk to has some family recipe for zucchini bread or happy memory to share about how delightful it tastes. So, when my friend gave me a huge zucchini from her garden the other day - hooray! - I referred to some of my favourite cookbooks. The recipe I tried was from Southern Living's 30 Years of Our Best Recipes P. 37 (hey, who can argue with 30 years!).

I had my daughter and her friend (both 8 years old) measure all the ingredients and mix it together. I've found it to be a great way to teach fractions and that teaching goes much smoother when our daughter has a friend to learn with. They each had a bowl - one for dry ingredients, one for the wet ingredients. They were excited just from the smell of the batter.

Always willing to lend a hand, our dear son (3 years) got one of his trucks to help with clean-up, once the loaves were in the oven.

This was soooo delicious! They really turned out perfect! I had to use parchment paper instead of a coating spray and it couldn't have worked out better. Much easier to take them out of the loaf pans to cool on the wire rack. The recipe made 2 loaves so my daughter's friend had one to take home.

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