Monday, February 28, 2011

Azure Standard February Order

Azure Standard now delivers to our area!  This all-natural foods buying coop offers affordable prices on organic and natural goods.  Living in the country, our choices for natural food and grocery items are very limited or very expensive.  Having Azure deliver directly to our town is truely a blessing.  I am not paid or told to write a review for Azure Standard, I just love them and soon you'll quickly understand why.

To have these grocery choices I would need to drive 40 minutes north and go store to store for the best prices, go to Whole Foods or shop the Farmer's Market's.  While I will continue to shop the seasonal Farmer's Markets, I won't have to drive so far, take so much time, or spend so much for organic and natural items.  In our town we have only two grocery stores, and one of them is Walmart.

My order total was $437.90 and below are photos of what I selected.  Almost everything is organic, natural, or no spray/pesticide free.  It's easy to order as you can shop online, by phone, by fax, or by mail.  I loved that I could avoid dragging my kids to a grocery store, had the time to thoroughly research each product before I selected it, and add items all month to my cart online as I ran out.

Produce - organic yellow onions, organic russet potatoes, 10lbs of oranges no spray ($6.25), organic celery ($1.90/ea), 6-3lb bags of organic in-season apples ($1.90/ea).
Frozen ~ turkey bacon, brocolli, peas, grape juice, 12-1lbs. ground turkey ($52.75), 3 butter brittle ice cream.

Dry Goods ~ 10lbs. spelt flour ($15.40), 5lbs coconut sugar ($24.95), 5lbs. oats ($4.50), coconut oil (click here for a great article on Simple Organic on The Wonders of Coconut Oil), olive oil, root beer, sprouted burger buns, peanut butter, 4 bottles dijon mustard, ground mustard, 3 boxes cereal, 2 packages cereal, 4 boxes crackers, maple syrup, horseradish, 1 can olives, 3 cans diced tomatoes, 1 package Stevita sweetener packets, dog food.

Dairy ~ extra sharp cheddar cheese, 2 packages cream cheese, whipped butter, heavy cream, half & half, swiss cheese, feta cheese, 2 tubs sour cream, yogurt.

General Merchandise ~ 2 bottles coconut shampoo, 2 bottles coconut conditioner, Dr. Bronner's magic hair cream, lotion with SPF 18, Dr. Bronner's castile soap.

Want to find out if Azure Standard delivers to your area?  Simply contact them by phone 541-467-2230 or email  There's no cost to join, and you don't have to order every month or buy in bulk. 

Last month I drove 30 minutes to our closest drop point to pick-up our order and asked the driver if he'd consider delivering to our area.  He had his wife contact me to work out the details, he located a good spot to drop the orders to our town, and now they deliver here!

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  1. It looks like I am very lucky having a bigger variety off stores close by. I jumped for joy when we finally got a Vitamin Cottage (all of their produce is organic).
    Have you ever tried calling Headquarters of the stores you would like to see opening in your area? Helped in my case.

  2. Honestly, I'm just happy Azure is coming here and I'm not sure I'd want to shop anywhere else :) They are a Christian company offering fair prices on organic and natural grocery items.

    Our town is very small and our county is maybe 30K people. That's not enough to bring in other retailers to compete with Walmart I think.

    If you'd like to learn more about Azure Standard check their website as they do deliver in Colorado :)

  3. Man are you going to be eating well! That sounds like a wonderful service. We have bits and pieces of this (I have a milk man deliver my milk and am thinking about joining the organic fruit/veggie delivery service) but nothing that covers it all like that.

    Thanks so much for the sweet comment over at my blog. Love ya to pieces my friend! :)

  4. Oh yeah, I love them. We get them here and they are only about 20 minutes away. They are definitely a savings for us. That and bountiful baskets!

  5. JEALOUS... nothing doing in backwoods TN. {yet}

  6. This is good news! Happy to hear these folks are making there way out to where you live.


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