Friday, March 12, 2010

KC Food Circle 12th Annual Exhibition of Farmers

For more information click on this link.


  1. Love your blog! I grew up in Manhattan, KS and my parents are still there. We lived in KC when we were first married and loved it!

  2. Thank you Liz :) Blogging is a great way to track and share my recipes and to hopefully inspire people to shop local and in-season. I'm learning myself and recording what I've learned along the way. It can be challenging to change how you eat when Walmart, McDonalds and more are less than a mile away with all their great deals on "convenience foods".. but I'm learning one recipe and one local buy at a time. We love Kansas too.

  3. Looks like a great resource. I wish we had more of that around here - we don't even have CSA programs in my area.

  4. Natashya, I found this site for CSA's in Ontario, Canada if that helps?


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