Sunday, February 21, 2010

Link Love

Link Love

I love love love to read blogs, especially crafting blogs as I'm still so new at it.  Here's some wonderful ideas I discovered on blogs this week:

Filth Wizardy's Sewing and Emroidery with Kids Using a Dollar Store Shelf Bed Liner.  This would be a great project for me my Girl Scouts to learn embroidery.

I am a sucker for free printables and just about fell out of my chair when I saw all the free ones over at The Toy Maker's website.  Everything from gift boxes, puppet theatres, paper dolls, to Brownie printables.  Everything is so beautifully illustrated.

Over at Little House in the Suburbs she has a Free Beginner Garden Plan which is perfect for a newbie like me.

I found a nice idea for a Homework Hanger clipboard on a Girl Scouts blog.  I've never decoupaged before but it can't be that difficult, eh?

Last night while hubby and I were surfing for Thai recipes (yes, we do this for fun), we came across the funniest video on YouTube for - Crank Dat Curry Sauce Music Video.

Enjoy!  Sarah

From the book "The Big Golden Book of Poetry"
Edited by Jane Werner, Illustrated by Gertrude Elliott
1949 by Golden Press


  1. Thanks for sharing!! I love reading new blogs, too!! I will go and check them out :) Every sunday I share a new blog...can I feature your blog next Sunday ?

  2. Love those ideas. Thank you for sharing!


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