Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Day Menu & Prayer

 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  Here's what we're serving tomorrow.

Oven Roasted 12lb Turkey with Sage Butter from Tyler Florence
Stuffing Casserole from Food Network website
Oyster Stuffing Casserole (my husband's recipe)
Mashed Sweet & Russet Potatoes with Herbs from Martha Stewart
Cranberry Sauce from Real Simple
Bean Salad (mother-in-law bringing)
Pumpkin Pie (mother-in-law bringing)
Apple Pie from Cooking Light Magazine

May you all have a blessed holiday :)

Dear Father:
We thank You for the sunshine and for the rain and snow.
We thank You for the birds that sing and for the flowers that grow.
We thank You for the harvest, the good things gathered in,
The food that fills the farmer's barn, the storehouse, and the bin.
We thank Yon for our homes and for our friends so dear,
We thank You for our mothers and for our fathers' cheer.
To show You that we thank You, we will be kind and true,
And go with happy faces each day our work to do.


  1. Your menu sounds divine! I'm in charge of the dessert tomorrow as well; gingerbread cheesecake! It looks good, we'll see how it tastes tomorrow. :)

    thank you so much for the sweet words over on my blog. Your friendship means so much to me!

    Enjoy the holiday!

  2. Thoughtful... have a wonderful warm and loving day with your family, Sarah!


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