Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recipe: Chocolate Cinnamon Scones

I'm on a real kick here lately making scones :) Our daughter loves them and it's exciting to try variations of a recipe once you find one that works.

These scones weren't as good as the Cinnamon Chip Scones I made in December. The weren't as moist. The cinnamon in these is very very good and the chocolate chips add a bit of chewiness.
These were easy to make, however, the dough was very sticky which made it difficult to knead. I had to add lots of flour while kneading which helped.
This recipe come from the McCormick's website which has lots of yummy recipes to try, along with information on the health benefits of their various spices.

I melted dark chocolate chips to drizzle on top of the scones. I quickly realized I had no idea how to drizzle ;o) It was more like globs on top instead of drizzles. The extra chocolate does taste really good though. I also used dark chocolate chips in the scones instead of the semi-sweet chopped baking chocolate as called for in the recipe.

I'm looking for an Apple Cinnamon scone recipe now. This is the kind my daughter loves to get when she has breakfast at school. Hey, scones I make gotta be better than the school cafeteria's, eh?

If anyone has a good scone recipe for me to try, please link it in the comments below.

Happily submitted to Works for Me Wednesday over at We Are THAT Family. Check out the Lego necklace that she made for her son - so cool!

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  1. I'm on a scone making kick too. I keep making the scones from Joy of Cooking, but instead of currents, I use craisins.


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