Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eat-From-The-Pantry Challenge

Happy New Year Everyone!
This year my goal is to spend less on groceries and to do more meal planning. I really have no idea what we currently spend on groceries and never meal plan so my goal shouldn't be difficult to achieve. I know our pantry is packed full and so is our freezer so there should be no good reason for me to spend alot at the grocery store.

In the spirit of this New Year's Goal I've decided to join the Eat-From-The-Pantry Challenge over at Life As Mom and Money Saving Mom. It sounds straight forward and I've even convinced my husband that this will be a good idea (not always easy as he loves to grocery shop as much as me).

Yesterday I inventoried what we had in our deep-freezer. It was freeezing in the garage so I didn't have to worry about having it open while I inventoried. I had no idea we had so much meat in there!

After I made a list of all I had in the deep freezer, I went through my recipes to match-up what I could make then attached those recpies to the back of my list. This way, I have all my recipes on-hand when deciding what to make for dinner.

The next step, ideally, would be to create a weekly meal plan based on this list. I haven't gotten there yet, but I think I'm off to a good start!

So far this month I've spent $78.00 on groceries (+ $4.00 for clementines at Walmart) and should only need to pick-up milk and coffee to get us through the month.

How about you? If this sounds like a challenge you'd like to do or to read other participants updates, pop over to Life As Mom or Money Saving Mom and join in the fun!

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