Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Book Review: Kitchen Tricks by Ben Charles Harris

I came across this great book at our local library - isn't it great when that happens? In my gradual process to a more natural lifestyle I find I have to read alot! I tend to refer to older publications as these seem to be the best guides for doing things the "old way". They offer lots of solutions for things that would have been considered "everyday knowledge" and would never consider things such a processed or highly refined foods.

This book reads like a dictionary with numerous suggestions, tips and tricks for all kinds of items from your kitchen and home. He breaks these uses down for food, garden, medicinal, household tips, cosmetic and more.

In his Introduction he writes:

"But the kitchen is the place from which our health (and our preventive medicine) comes. An since our food allotment is probably the largest slice of our budget, it's a very good area to be thrifty in. When you think about it, the kitchen is the most important room in the house, in terms of dollars and sense - health sense that is."

He goes on to say:

"Health should be enjoyed and maintained by doing things the right way in your kitchen every day. Don't wait until the doctor insists that you cut out salt and harsh spices and that you cut down on meat and sugar. .... Avoid processed food (often nonfood), minimize overly acid food, especially at night. To preserve nutrients, minimize the cutting and the cooking of foods. Eat small meals! Don't overtax your digestive system and avoid thereby the dangerous excess weight that strains the heart and indeed all organs. Rest. Try fasting on a regular basis. .... Try growing some of your own food (organically of course). An use delightful, healthful herbs in cooking and in your teas as daily tonics and digestiv aids. (Suggestions for herbs abound in this volume!)"

This book was published in 1975!! Terms like natural living, organic, stay away from white foods such as sugar, rice, etc. These terms and ideas all seem so "new wave" nowadays and here they were thought of, discussed, and published years ago.

Here's just a few of the neat things I read in his book:

"Percolate coffee with eggshells or whole yolk to add favor and nourishment."

"A facial tratment of gently warmed buttermilk conteracts blemishes and oiliness. ..."

"Live within the laws of Nature and you'll live a healthful, simple, worryless, long life."

"CARROT TOPS: Try growing the root in the kitchen window. Hollow out the center of a large root, tie a thin wire around or through the top, and suspend it in the sun. Keep the hollow filled with water. In a few days, the lacy foliage will appear and present you with a dlightful hanging basket."

There are literally hundreds of tips in this great book. As a beginner it's an inspiration and great guide to all things natural. I look forward to reading many of the other books he's written such as "Eat the Weeds" and "Kitchen Medicines".

This post will be included in Tammy's Recipes "Kitchen Tip Tuesdays".

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  1. this looks like a great book i cant wait to look it over also great blog Sarah very interesting from sarah wheeler


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