Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Book Review: Children's Books on China

Our daughter is in 3rd grade this year and one of their main focus of study will be social studies and geography. I hope to enhance her learning by doing some follow-up at home with books from our library.

Next week her class is reading The Ballad of Mulan. This is one of our daughter's favourite stories.

These are the books I've selected to read after school each day.

The Legend of Mu Lan: A Heroin of Ancient China

The Multicultural Game Book: More Than 70 Traditional Games from 30 Countries by Louis Orlando

This is a great book and includes lots of easy games. The games from China are 1, 2, 3 Dragon; Challenge; Dominoes; Fan Tan; Harvest; Nim; Spellicans; Tangrams.

Count Your Way Through China by Jim Haskins
The book counts from 1 through 10 and teaches how to write and say it in "Chinese" and covers topics such as history, geography, religion and traditions.

The Legend of the Panda by Linda Granfield
This is the legend of how the panda got it's black spots. The pictures are so beautiful.

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