Thursday, June 10, 2010

Recipe: Canteloupe Water

This is a tastety way to get refreshed on a hot summer's day.  This was so easy to make as it uses only 4 simple ingredients.  I used a regular lime for this but I think a key lime would have given this the sour punch that it needed.  The kids loved this nutricious drink. 

Who knew canteloupe was good for insomnia, helps relieve heavy menstration and is great for pregnant women as it's high in folic acid.  For more information on the health benefits of canteloupe go here.  They also recommend mixing in a bit of pineapple juice.  Next time I have a pineapple, I'm going to chop it up, juice half, then add the chunks to this blended drink, yum!


1 Cantaloupe
1 gallon of water icy water
Sugar to taste
1 key lime

Cut the cantaloupe in half and slice it in wedges do not take the seeds of it.  Have a large bowl handy to save one wedge to add at the end to the gallon of Cantaloupe water.

Put half of the cantaloupe along with the seeds in the blender.  Add some of the gallon of water to the blender and let it blend for a good while. 

Pour the blended cantaloupe through a large thin colander. Repeat with the second half of the cantaloupe

Add blended canteloupe to the gallon of water and  add one squeezed key lime and add sugar to make it sweet, as much sugar to please your individual taste.

Cut up the extra wedge of Cantaloupe and add it to the gallon of cantaloupe water.

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1953, The Spenser Press


  1. Sarah, I would have never thought to do this! And who knew that cantaloupe helped with insomnia! I could use a little help with that for sure. If I can find an affordable cantaloupe (they're crazy expensive here), I'll definitely be trying this one.

  2. This would be so refreshing on a hot summer day:D

  3. Looks so good, however I don't know if I could follow through with the recipe. I love cantaloupe so much I might just devour it on sight :D


  4. That looks so refreshing and I had no idea cantaloupe was THAT good for you, my goodness, I must get some!

  5. This looks so refreshing! I've made Papaya Agua Fresca, which is basically the same thing. So popular in Mexico! Makes me want a big straw and a little umbrella :)

    Thanks for checking in with me on the site! I have been a little behind in posting but doing well, the garden is starting to sprout and I need to attack the weeds again this weekend. I post a lot of things to Facebook very quickly, so unfortunately the site is a little neglected at the moment.


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