Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Friends of Martha Blog Network

I am now a new memeber of the Friends of Martha Blog Network! I adore all things Martha and can only hope to be a teensy bit as accomplished as her.

I remember watching her Living show back in the 90's and being facinated by her. I also remember watching her new show Martha! after work and cooking supper when it was on - how inspiring! When I became a stay-at-home mom watching Martha! during our son's naptime. Hey, if you're going to watch something on TV you might as well learn something right?

I've subscribed to Martha Stewart Living magazine for many years and can't bear to give them away or clean them out. I even have them sorted by the seasons (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.), because I'll look thru them again and again.

I've also had a subscription for Everyday Food magazine for years and have these sorted by the season as well. This way when I'm looking for something new to try with seasonal ingredients there's always a great recipe in there to try. Some of my copies have so many Post-it flags for favourite recipes hanging off the side of the magazine that it won't sit properly on my shelf!

I love her books and have them proudly displayed in my kitchen. I can't say I use them much as I'm actually afraid of getting them dirty. Martha would gasp at the thought of this as she loves her books to be used. I'll keep trying but I hate to even crack open the spine of these fine books.

Our 8 year old daughter loves Martha as much as I do. She watches the recorded shows we have on our DVR, loves to look through the Living magazines, and even dressed up as Medusa for Halloween after watching Martha's Halloween special last year where she was dressed as Medusa.

So, I came across a great blog the other day Martha and Me and saw on her sidebar the Friends of Martha Blog Network. My mind started to swim - even I could be a friend of Martha's! Go have a look at all the bloggers who also love to write about everything Martha. I'm not paid or anything to be on this network. It's just a great place to share our interest in all things Martha Stewart.
Below is a little decorating trick I picked up from Martha, to place all like dishes together for a pretty display! For more inspiration on cooking, homemaking, decorating, crafting and so much more go visit the Friends of Martha Blog Network - enjoy!

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